Your generosity is needed so that we can countinue to provide these services to the children and families who rely on them most.

What We Do

  • Work with the family to create an individualized support plan.
  • BlueLoop Setup and Coordination with School and Provider.
  • Year Round Support

Thanks to the hard work of T1D parents Pam & John Henry and to the generous individuals and companies who donate to their cause, the Foundation has been able to grow with the needs of the T1D community since 2004.


The MyCareConnect Foundation delivers the support families need in the weeks and months following diagnosis

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an incurable, often misunderstood condition, typically striking during childhood. It requires constant management and often causes acute anxiety for parents, caregivers, and children themselves. Receiving the proper education and aligning the proper resources after diagnosis is critical.

We call this a BlueLoop Scholarship and hope that as these children move towards young adulthood, they will graduate from BlueLoop and become self-managers of their T1D and the Foundation provides these caregiving resources free of cost.

Make a Donation

Type 1 diabetes is costly, and your donation goes directly to supporting those who need it most: underserved families who do not have access to the resources and support they need.

  • $25 Provides our 1:1 support to a family immediately after diagnosis
  • $95 Gives year-round support to a family and their school personnel.
  • $250 Gets us an exhibit table at a school personnel conference
  • $500 Enable our clinics and schools to provide brochures to families in need.
  • $800 Gets us to a diabetes conference where we plant our seeds in a new community.

I called Pam to get help setting up BlueLoop. . . Pam understood what I was going through and words can’t describe what a blessing she’s been as we start our type 1 journey.

Meeting John was so inspiring. I was lost and didn’t even know where to begin. . . he gave me hope and reassurance when I needed it so badly.

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