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What is BlueLoop?

BlueLoop is a web and mobile tool for children with diabetes and other chronic conditions. We provide care coordination among family, school, and health care providers. Everything is consolidated in one location, in the cloud, where caregivers can communicate, store dosage information, upload documents, and enter test results. As activity happens, caregivers are instantly notified via email or text message.

BlueLoop is Mobile!

Download the BlueLoop mobile app for your iPhone or Android device.

Available at the AppStore
Available at the Google Play

Created by a mother for her daughter.

My daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2003. Once the initial shock wore off, my maternal instincts took over - I needed a better way to stay on top of her care, and I needed peace of mind.

Whether it's logging medical information, getting reminders, or keeping caregivers in the loop, the solution I created for me, can work for you.

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