Insulin Pumps

Both of these pumps are safe, have unique features and are great to work with. Happy exploring.

OmniPod insulin pump by Insulet

OmniPod Insulin Pump
New t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ technology

t:slim X2 insulin pump

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)

Dexcom is the leader in Continuous Glucose Monitoring and has a great product!

Continuous Glucose Monitors


Gvoke™ PFS is the first and only liquid stable glucagon treatment that is premixed, prefilled, and premeasured.
Gvoke PFS is available in two doses and can be packaged as a single or a convenient double pack.

Glucagon Injection

T1D Screening Program

A T1D diagnosis is something you may be able to see coming for others in your family.
Here is important information about this simple screening program.


Current Research Opportunity

Here is an exciting study for our children with diabetes, learn more about it here:


Amazing Product

Genteel makes the best lancing device (poker) and we love it because it doesn’t hurt
and you can use it in places beyond your finger tips!

Genteel Lancing Device

Beyond Type 1 Resources

Beyond Type 1, founded by people with (and impacted by) type 1 diabetes, is a community with a ton of resources and tools!

Resources, Guides & Stories
Snail Mail Club

Great Diabetes Coaches

Interested in pumps, CGM's, or personal advice between appointments? Contact Gary and Jody for advice. And they know T1D as they both were diagnosed during childhood!

Integrated Diabetes Services
Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE
Dr. Jody Stanislaw
Dr. Jody Stanislaw

Camps and Family Events

Here are 2 great ways to give kids a chance to be independent and learn about their condition with the support of their peers and trained health professionals.

Diabetes Education & Camping
Children With Diabetes
Sarah attended diabetes camps from Age 6 until she was 18, and we’ve been to CWD Friends for Life for years!

Other Great Resources

American Diabetes Association
Legal Protections for our Kids: ADA Safe at School Program
Pumping Insulin
Great Book on Insulin Pumps: Pumping Insulin by John Walsh

Want to know the benefits of partnering? Email Pam at pam.henry@mycareconnect.com or simply call 972-841-1311.

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