Insulin Calculator

For families and school personnel needing to calculate insulin doses, we have an easier way – in 2 steps!

Step 1:  Set Up The Calculator

On The Website

» First, consult with your doctor to confirm your insulin dosing regimen. You can also print our sheet and bring it to your doctor.

» Logon to your BlueLoop account, go to your Medical Profile tab to Turn On the calculator and enter the required insulin dosing fields.


  • The calculator turns off after 90 days until you confirm your Medical Profile is up to date.
  • Based on your last recorded insulin dose, we provide a reminder if there is insulin on board.
  • The calculator is not intended for use with an insulin pump.
Dosing Regimen Sheet

Step 2:  Start Using The Calculator

On The Website

» When creating a daily entry, the calculator will provide you the calculated amount, but you can also input an override amount if needed.

Calculator On The Website Daily Entry Screen

» If you choose to input an override amount, we ask you to choose a reason why, by selecting one of our "jelly bean" icons.

Override Reasons On The Website Daily Entry Screen

In The Mobile App

» Here's what the calculator looks like when used in the Mobile App.

Calculator On The Mobile App Daily Entry Screen

Calculator Made Possible By Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin

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